About the method | Entrance Meditation


Personal Growth

By working at an inner level, individuals develop the various aspects of their lives such as personal relationships, career decisions and difficult situations.


Quiet and relax the mind and body to minimize stress and act as a preventive health measure. Become more focused to deal with physical and mental needs.

Addiction Control

Overcoming an addiction, whether it is related to drugs, alcohol, or eating, is facilitated by the Entrance Meditation process as a means to get in touch with feelings and thoughts.

Religious Leaders

Integrating the meditations into religious services deepens the experience of the congregation.


By establishing a quiet, contemplative atmosphere, clients can get in touch with their inner feelings and articulate them more clearly.


The Entrance Mediation process is used in many different areas of education. Instructors utilize the meditations to open students to the truths contained in the lesson and to tap sources of creativity.

Creative Writers and Artists

Tapping into their inner processes through the unconscious stream of images, Entrance Meditation readings help writers and artists activate their imagination and thus produce the materials for their creative work.

Intensive Journal Process

The Entrance Meditation experience is integral to the Intensive Journal process. After entering our inner space through the Entrance Meditation process, we record our images in the Intensive Journal workbook. Stimulating our inner processes, we continue with the meditations and proceed to progressively deeper levels in our Journal work.