Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

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Midwestern Region

Now click on the city below in the workshops calendar for the workshop that is of interest. This will take you to the detail page with the dates, hours, description of the leader, and how to register.

How to select an online workshop

We are offering online workshops through Zoom that provide you with a range of options to best suit your needs. Any module that has the letters "ONL" designates that the workshop is being held online. Example: LC-ONL is a Life Context module that is held online. The table of codes for each module is listed and defined below the workshop calendar.

Several factors to consider are:

Number of modules. There are 3 core modules (Life Context, Depth Contact and Life Integration) that must be taken in sequence. You may wish to sign up for one module or the entire series. Briefly,

  • Life Context (LC) covers about half of the exercises and is a very solid experience.
  • Depth Contact (DC) covers the remaining half of the exercises.
  • Life Integration (LI) helps you develop the material that you started in the first two workshops to see connections and relationships, and to use Dr. Progoff's Journal Feedback process.

Location. We list the "location" because you may wish to sign up for a program in your geographic area that has a local feel to the group, or select a different area that better suits your scheduling needs.

Weekend vs. weekday. We offer programs on both weekends and during the week. They may be offered weekly or spread a few weeks apart.

3-part series. We offer the 3 core modules during a week-long program that allows you to experience the full method in a continuous way. There is a day off between modules to compensate for the issue of "Zoom fatigue." We also offer a 3-part series spread out with one module per week.

We urge you to read about the format of the 3-Part Online Series.

Leader. You may wish to take the program with a specific leader based upon personal preference or a friend's recommendation. Please note that all of our leaders are certified and use the same guidelines.

With Zoom you can go anywhere. Check also other cities and ← regions

Workshop Calendar
Progoff Intensive Journal Program | For Self-Development
State City Module Begins Ends Type Sponsor Telephone Leader
IllinoisChicagoPRE-ONLMarch 14, 2021SundayMarch 14, 2021SundayWeekend / SoloCG Jung Centercgjungcenter.orgKelley Williams
IllinoisChicagoLC-ONLJuly 24, 2021SaturdayJuly 25, 2021SundayWeekend / Week-longDialogue House330-998-6000 / 800-221-5844Kelley Williams
IllinoisChicagoNo MeetingJuly 26, 2021MondayJuly 26, 2021MondayWeekday / Week-longDialogue House330-998-6000 / 800-221-5844Kelley Williams
IllinoisChicagoDC-ONLJuly 27, 2021TuesdayJuly 28, 2021WednesdayWeekday / Week-longDialogue House330-998-6000 / 800-221-5844Kelley Williams
IllinoisChicagoNo MeetingJuly 29, 2021ThursdayJuly 29, 2021ThursdayWeekday / Week-longDialogue House330-998-6000 / 800-221-5844Kelley Williams
IllinoisChicagoLI-ONLJuly 30, 2021FridayJuly 31, 2021SaturdayWeekend / Week-longDialogue House330-998-6000 / 800-221-5844Kelley Williams
Michigan-Detroit-Grand RapidsLC-ONLMay 15, 2021SaturdayMay 16, 2021SundayWeekend / SoloDialogue House330-998-6000 / 800-221-5844Kelley Williams
MinnesotaMinneapolis-St PaulLC-ONLApril 17, 2021SaturdayApril 18, 2021SundayWeekend / SoloDialogue House330-998-6000 / 800-221-5844Kelley Williams
MissouriKansas City- St LouisLC-ONLFebruary 27, 2021SaturdayFebruary 28, 2021SundayWeekend / SoloDialogue House330-998-6000 / 800-221-5844Kelley Williams

Module Codes
Code Module Description
LC Life Context Part One - No Prerequisites
DC Depth Contact Part Two - Prerequisite - Life Context
LE Life Experience Combines Parts One and Two - No Prerequisites
LI Life Integration Part Three - Prerequisites - Either LC and DC or LE
LS Life Study Learning from another's life - Prerequisite - Life Context

See West-Oregon - online workshop November 16-17, 2020.

SEM Seminar Learn the theories behind the Intensive Journal- Prerequisites-Life Context
PRE Intro Presentation Experience a sampling of Intensive Journal exercises - Prerequisite - None