Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Frequently Asked Questions About Intensive Journal Modules

Participants return to our workshops for many reasons: to devote a weekend for personal growth, the power of the group atmosphere, the discipline of a workshop, and guidance from a certified leader.

By repeating a workshop module, many people find that they deepen their knowledge of the method. Using the Intensive Journal method is an acquired skill that is developed over time. There are also benefits that are generated from cumulative use of the method over time.

Attending another workshop will allow you to take stock of how your life has changed as well as your perspective about it. Therefore, the content of your writing may be surprisingly different and lead to new awareness and possibilities.

Dr. Progoff believed that a key factor for individual growth is working in the workshop atmosphere and not the specific module that a participant is taking. Therefore, he urged people to focus on enrolling in a program that fit their schedule even though they may have attended that module previously.

Some people find that they do not use the broad scope of exercises on their own. To benefit more fully from the method, it is important to use many of the exercises. A workshop experience provides you with the discipline to work in each of the exercises.

We offer back-to-back workshops in a continuous setting. They provide an opportunity to immerse yourself more deeply in the method and to develop a momentum and continuity from which you can generate creative breakthroughs. Back-to-back workshops provide a more cost-effective way to experience the three core modules and minimize travel expense, especially for those who have to travel a long distance. Most of the Life Integration workshops, a key component of the method, are offered at these extended programs.

Extended programs are offered throughout the year although many occur in the spring and summer seasons. In most cases, each module is 12 hours in length and is covered over two days. We typically segment the 5-6 day program into the three modules so that you can select the appropriate length of your stay. Many people attend all three modules.

In many cases, you can choose to either reside at the center or commute. Staying at the center allows you to focus on the program without the distractions of returning to your daily living.

In most cases, Intensive Journal workshops are offered in the standard full-length format of 12 hours. The 12 hour format covers all of the Intensive Journal sections that are intended for that module. The pace of the workshop is sufficiently in-depth to allow for adequate time for working in each exercise. Shorter versions (primarily the 10 hour length) devote less time to many of the exercises. They are designed to meet your time and budget constraints.