Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

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Professional Benefits

Intensive Journal workshops provide a broad range of techniques for dealing with the dynamic challenges of your nursing profession.

Reduce Stress
  • Resolve issues, gain new perspectives, write thoughts and describe emotions -- all reduce stress.
  • Entrance Meditation™ readings provide a means for inner tranquility.
Prevent Burnout
  • Reconnect with and deepen your passion for nursing, bringing renewed energy and focus.
  • Identify and resolve issues that have created inner conflict and turmoil.
Develop Bereavement Skills
  • Deepen your relationship with and understanding of a deceased person, implementing the philosophy of JD Salinger - "Death ends a life but not a relationship."
Enhance Interpersonal Skills
  • Learn ways to view issues from another person's vantage point.
  • Enhance listening skills and intuitive abilities.
  • Resolve issues to create a more positive and energetic viewpoint.
Increase Creative and Intuitive Abilities
  • Learn techniques for approaching issues from different perspectives.
  • Connect with and trust your inner process.
Expand Counseling Skills
  • Experience principles of holistic depth psychology to learn unique therapy techniques.
  • Learn how individual Intensive Journal exercises provide innovative ways for clients to approach issues.
Develop Your Career Path
  • Develop continuity and direction for your career.
  • Identify skill areas and interests to pursue.