Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Practical Life Issues | Mindfulness


The Intensive Journal method provides a compatible approach for your mindfulness practice for obtaining self-awareness about your life experiences. Summarized below are some of the techniques that can be applied through Intensive Journal exercises to create many possible benefits.

Compatible Approaches with Mindfulness
  • Adopt a non-judgmental attitude, becoming receptive to working with a full range of experiences and feelings, as a basis for developing a foundation for your life
  • Focus inward in a neutral, unbiased way to the source of direct knowing, your true inner self.
  • Adopt no expectations or time frames for answers to issues or making decisions; awareness comes when it is ready to reveal itself as you adopt an approach of passive receptivity.
  • Work in silence to become centered and focused to access your inner self.
  • Employ a non-analytical approach, avoiding preconceived and circular ways of thinking, to achieve creative breakthroughs of awareness
  • Work in total privacy to be free to be honest and true to your self.
Writing Exercises from the Intensive Journal Workbook
  • Benefit from a deepening workshop experience away from your daily routine to connect with your inner self.
  • Learn how these writing exercises help you access and connect with your inner process to explore your life without assumptions as you look at your life with curiosity and from different perspectives.
  • Apply a neutral meditative process for becoming centered and deepening your inward journey. Employ advanced meditation techniques that utilize rhythmic breathwork for stilling the self that enables you to go to progressively deeper levels.
Possible Benefits
  • Connect with your true self, your inner nature.
  • Develop a foundation for your life for future decision making; work through issues over time within the context of your entire life.
  • Realize new perspectives about different facets of your life that are validated by your inner experience
  • Develop a more integrated life using Dr. Progoff's Journal Feedback processas material from different areas of life comes together to develop additional awarenesses.
  • Deepen your life journey as you view it without judgment as an ongoing evolving process of growth and development
  • Increase your attentiveness to recognizing different facets of experience. Become more receptive to listening to your inner voice.