Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Practical Life Issues | Sexual Identity - LGBT


Learn a Leading Method for Writing About Feelings
  • Use writing to foster inner awareness, promote self-reflection and provide a means for working through powerful issues.
  • Learn Dr. Progoff leading techniques of an integrated system that uses writing to connect with your inner process.
Benefit from a Supportive Environment
  • Work in a supportive, non-threatening environment of privacy and silence to help you build your self-identity.
Work Through Related Issues
  • Use Progoff's powerful process of inner dialogue to foster a deeper understanding of such key areas as personal relationships, career, body and health, major events, and meaning in life.
  • Develop greater understanding how different areas of life are interconnected and impact each other.
  • Build enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence as you connect with your true identity.
Connect With Feelings About Society
  • Obtain greater understanding about how your external environment (i.e. societal norms, laws, and beliefs) impact your beliefs, decision-making, and behavior.
  • Learn ways to work through issues that previously may have appeared to be too emotional or overwhelming.
Take Next Steps in Life
  • Pursue interests and opportunities as you gain greater self-esteem and connect with aspects of your life that have been repressed.