Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Practical Life Issues | Sexual Identity - LGBT


"As a child and young man, I felt that God had abandoned me because of who I am, and therefore, I prayed to have my sexual identity taken away. I thought there must be something wrong with me, having grown up in a male dominated Latino machismo culture, and being a member of a religion that espouces the concept of a condemning "god" who believes that homosexuality is a sin.
The Intensive Journal method has helped me deepen the experience of my sexual identity. Using the Journal, I have been able to bring all of these contradictions into perspective in a very safe way, allowing me to embrace them and become whole again."

Albert Diaz-Cruz

"For over 40 years, as a gay man, the Intensive Journal method has been a "Home" for me to meet and address and work out life strategies. Now in my senior years, I confidently face the on-going question that has always emerged, "What does my life want to become?"

John B. Leira

"The Intensive Journal method helped me come to terms with and embrace my sexual identity. Through the Journal’s many different writing experiences, I was able to draw connections and open doorways long held shut by social disapproval and my own internalized shame. I found myself informed and in touch again with positive aspects of myself which had been repressed or hidden. I put into perspective and found a larger context for many issues previously felt overwhelming. I gained an understanding of my sexual identity's unique perspective and the rich gifts an alternative point of view provides to a life well constructed within the mainstream community. I highly recommend the Intensive Journal journey for all in the LGBT Community".

Tom Fehrenbacher