Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Specialized Audiences | Health | Addiction Recovery


The Intensive Journal method provides people in recovery with a practical tool to use throughout their lives to overcome their addiction and to lead more meaningful lives. It is an excellent resource that can be used to complement other forms of treatment and therapy. These benefits include:

Learn a Leading Method for Writing About Feelings
  • Writing can foster inner awareness, promote self-reflection and provide a means for working through powerful issues.
  • Dr. Progoff is a recognized leader in creating an integrated system that uses writing to connect with your inner process
Use a Non-judgmental Technique
  • Work in a supportive, non-threatening environment of privacy and silence to help you accept your current life situation
  • Addressing major issues becomes more palatable
Work Through Issues That Contributed to Addiction
  • Work through difficult issues and transitions you are facing in your life
  • Understand how different areas of life are interconnected and how attitudes and behavior impact these issues.
  • Connect with and deepen your understanding of such key areas as personal relationships, career, major events, and meaning in life
Connect With Body-Health Issues
  • Recognize the dignity of your body and how it has been impacted by your addiction.
  • Gain valuable perspectives in the recovery process.
Develop Greater Meaning in Life
  • Clarify beliefs, values, priorities and areas of interest
  • Identify and develop experiences of meaning.
Gain Broader Perspectives of Your Journey to Recovery
  • unlimited possibilities in life and that you are much more than an addict
  • Avoid relapse as you gain self-confidence and work through issues that influence addiction.