Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Specialized Audiences | Health | Depression


The Intensive Journal method provides specific techniques through our integrated system of writingexercises to help your clients:

Connect with Inner Process
  • Work at a progressively deepening level using the exercisesto connect with their full range of experiences and emotions.
  • Connect with inner strengths, capacities and interests to develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Gain insights, new perspectives and awareness that provide clarity, hope and understanding.
Develop Intuitive Capacities
  • Use our reflective process without judgment in a nonanalytical framework to become more receptive to intuitions
  • Heighten abilities to listen to and trust their inner process.
  • Become more observant about behavior andthought patterns. Acknowledge negative feelings and situation in life as a starting point for developing one's life.
Employ a Safe Process
  • Work through specific issues within the context of one's entire life using Progoff's "whole life" process. (see p 2)
  • Deal with issues as far as appropriate at the time that can be revisited at a later date.
Utilize Meditation Techniques to Enhance Mindfulness
  • Apply Entrance Meditation ™ techniques, a key part of the method, that creates a deepening atmosphere to help clientsbecome centered and focused to perceive a larger realm of reality.
  • Deal with issues as far as appropriate at the time that can be revisited at a later date.
Generate Greater Integration and Wholeness
  • Obtain new crystallizations of awareness from diverse areas of life using the Journal Feedback process (see p 2). These new integrations constitute the ongoing growth that is possible through this method.
  • Use new awareness to make decisions for next steps; develop greater momentum, motivation, and action.
  • Take greater interest in and control for developing one's life.
Become More Productive in Using Other Modalities
  • Use the Intensive Journal method to stimulate awareness and insights to complement other services such as therapy.