Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Specialized Audiences | Health | Trauma


The Intensive Journal method provides specific techniques through our integrated system of writing exercises to help your clientele in many ways:

Overcome Traumatic Experiences
  • Explore traumatic events in a safe, supportive environment protected by total privacy, and nurtured by a group that provides an energy and momentum to move through issues.
  • Learn ways of working with experiences from previous periods of life to obtain perspectives, insights and lessons for developing more integrated and meaingful lives.
Work Through Feelings of Pain and Guilt
  • Access feelings and experiences to become more aware of behavior and attitudes. Become more expressive and grounded.
  • Gain clarity and sense of peace to become better equipped for moving forward in life
  • Deal with powerful emotions in a safe, private, supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere.
  • Generate insights that are authentic and resonate because they are written by the user.
  • Identify and process intense feelings to create greater serenity and improved relationships.
  • Broaden awareness of new possibilities for an evolving and improved life.
Uncover Interests, Talents and Possible Projects
  • Explore prior periods of your life to unearth interests and talents that may be ripe for development.
  • Revisit prior decisions to explore missed or deferred opportunities.
Gain Momentum and Renewed Energy
  • Avoid preconceived ways of thinking that create a stalemate by using the Journal Feedback process, a core feature of the method, see Journal Feedback process
  • Develop next steps in major areas such as personal relationships, career, special interests, body and health, etc.
Use an Integrated Holistic Approach
  • View specific issues within the context of one's entire life using Progoff's whole-life process (see Whole-Life Process); realize connections between areas of life using the Journal Feedback technique.
  • Work through challenges as they arise over time; gain greater control and direction; learn a tool and structure to use throughout life
  • Use the method to complement other healing techniques and to deal with other emotional issues, such as depression.