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Endorsements Statements from Survivors of Trauma
"In life, crises do happen, and when an extreme trauma occurred in my life, the Intensive Journal process was most significant in helping me to maintain balance and unravel some destructive painful confusion...At times when I experienced 'body flashbacks' of pain or trauma, dialogues [Intensive Journal exercises] allowed me to gain meaning and integration. Therapists often say, 'If you can feel it, you can heal it', and with that I kept moving forward in my recovery process using the method."D Mathers

D Mathers
Author of Life History article " Recovering from Trauma"

"As a survivor of years of childhood sexual abuse by my father, the overarching themes of my life have been survival, self-loathing, anxiety, depression, and loneliness....[The] Intensive Journal workshop [has been] a life changing experience for me....The Intensive Journal method helped me to access and develop these aspects of my life and broadened my awareness of new possiiblities for me....I participated in a 12-week incest survivor group...My Intensive Journal workbook was an invaluable resource..., a place where I could express privately and safely, all the multi-layered emotions and insights that group experience provided..."

CS Rose
Author of Life History article "Healing from Sexual Abuse Using the Intensive Journal Method"

"[After being struck by a semi-truck], the processes I learned [in the Intensive Journal workshop] have enabled me to address issues I had previously been unable to define, let alone to explore. I am learning to integrate the events in my life as part of a continuous journey instead of viewing them as circumscribed by the accident."

Liz S
Author of Life History article "Overcoming Trauma"