Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

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Ministry Development

The Intensive Journal method can help you develop personally and professionally, while offering a valuable resource for your congregation.

Enhancing Personal and Spiritual Growth
  • Develop and integrate your own life to be in balance with your personal needs, faith and congregation.
  • Deepen your inner relationship with God, opening up new visions and adding a dynamic power in the context of your entire life.

"[I] have found the Intensive Journal [method] to be extremely versatile... using it to focus and clarify almost every aspect of my life and work while still keeping the whole movement of my life in view. My ministry to others has been enhanced greatly...The Intensive Journal method has enabled my own growth and development and...I have found good use for its principles and methods....New dimensions of faith and relationship to God [have opened up] through the depths of my own journey to discover my own inner resources as a child of God, and to better perceive the way that God has been active in my life...."

Rev. Dr. James D. Miller
Trinity United Church of Christ, Mt. Penn, Reading, PA

Develop Professionally
  • Clarify relationships with other clergy and members of the congregation. View issues from different perspectives as a means of facilitating dialogue and decision making.
  • Strengthen your vocation in ministry by becoming more intimately connected with your beliefs and theology.
Fostering Spiritual Growth of Your Congregation
  • Enhance your interpersonal communication with the congregation, leading to their greater interest and involvement.
  • Gain an important complement to counseling, where individuals work through issues on their own, becoming more involved in their self-development and lessening the pressures on counseling staff.
  • Enhance reflection and renewal in the congregation through this effective program for spiritual retreat.