Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

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Teaching writing to future generations is an important job for educators. The Progoff Intensive Journal method allows for the improvement of writing skills in many areas, including education, and has been sponsored by a chapter of the National Writing Project, an organization whose goal is to improve writing in America. The NWP reaches those who teach writing or use writing in their teaching.

The Intensive Journal method helps prepare the educator to teach, by allowing for self-discovery and awareness. Using selected exercises from the Intensive Journal notebook, the educator can help the student take a greater interest in writing, facilitating and establishing a fluency with the written word. The method reveals the personal value that writing has, producing self-understanding, insight, and a greater depth of expression. Self-awareness is an integral aspect of education, and can be fostered by the Intensive Journal method. It helps writers (both educators and students) investigate various areas in a personal way, exercising one’s expression, serenity, and self-exploration.

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