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Memoir Writing

"The Progoff Intensive Journal method can be a most powerful tool for both those who are writing memoirs, or those who are coaching or teaching memoir writing. Unresolved issues from the past that affect one’s ability to be a complete person in the present and future can make memoir writing unnecessarily painful and non-productive. For me, the Progoff method’s greatest impact was in teaching me how to revisit the past in a positive way, from my present perspective, to help resolve issues and relationships in the past that needed healing. The Progoff method helped me realize I already have everything within myself to be my complete and whole self.
By engaging in the Intensive Journal method, I can, at any time, discover within myself everything I need to live the life God created me to live."

–Pamela H. Daugavietis,
Grand Rapids, MI

Memoir writing is a rewarding and life-enriching endeavor. Telling your life story is important for yourself, your friends, and your relatives because it preserves your life in a deep, meaningful format that can be accessed again and again. Whether or not you intend to publish your memoirs, you can benefit from the ability to get in contact with your life experiences in order to write a fuller, more meaningful life story.

The Progoff Intensive Journal Method can help connect you with your life. It allows you to develop a rich body of material drawing from your life experiences. You can gain access and awareness to diverse areas of your life, such as events and relationships, both past and present. The Intensive Journal method can help you crystallize your perspective on your past, present, and future, allowing you to write a well-rounded life story. The process of using the Intensive Journal Method unearths and develops material from your past that may have been previously forgotten or repressed. It can solidify your ideas and memories to help you write a life story that is compelling, meaningful, and memorable. Let the Intensive Journal Method help you write a story that is uniquely yours.