Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Specialized Audiences | Social Services | Conflict Resolution


The Intensive Journal method provides specific techniques through our integrated system of writing exercises to help participants:

Release intense feelings in the Journal
  • Release intense feelings of anger and hatred in the Intensive Journal workbook, not in a violent way. One particpant stated: " I killed him in my Journal with my ballpoint pen..." see footnote 7.
Foster bonding between participants in a group setting
  • Working privately at a deep inner level, participants connect at the underground stream, the source of collective wisdom.
  • Realize the frailties and personal issues that others in the group from different ethnic /racial / religious groups face, resulting in a bonding and understanding of fellow participants.
  • Change behavior and attitudes toward others after the workshop, resulting in greater harmony and meaningful coexistence. See statements by Harvey Shrum, EdD and Marcella Hardt
State issues in the Journal to better articulate them to others
  • Work through issues in the Journal; gain awareness and perspectives. Crystalize insights.
  • Become more expressive and communicative; strengthen interpersonal skills
  • Convey feelings and concerns more effectively and tactfully to members of other ethnic/racial / religious groups.
Obtain a powerful life-changing experience
  • Become immersed in connecting with your unique life experiences to connect with strengths, capacities and interests. Work through issues within the context of one's entire life to realize safer and more optimal results.
  • View from various perspectives issues/situations that may have created anger, distrust, and resentment. See issues from another person's perspective by walking in that person's shoes.
Use a method with little terminology
  • Designed with minimal terminology, our methodology has enabled people with different levels of education and interest in growth programs to benefit immensely.
  • Utilize a system with strong protections of privacy in the workshop and minimal requirements for writing skills.