Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

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Benefits of the Intensive Journal Program

Some quotations in this section are from a report entitled: "New York State Department of Labor Job-Training Program: Applying the Progoff Intensive Journal Method" and the trainees who participated in the program. References are cited as "Trainee" or as "NYS-DOL Report". The article is available on this website in the section of Job Training called Articles.

Developing Vocational Interests and Skills

As trainees realize their potential, they become empowered and gain greater self-confidence. They become more interested in obtaining and developing a vocation. Once they can begin to visualize themselves moving forward, their inner capacities propel them forward and their true inner potential can be realized.

"(If I had not come to this program) I think I would have gone through life being scared to do certain things I wanted to do."

P.M. (Trainee)

Increasing Cooperation and Tolerance Among Employees

As participants look deeper into themselves, many realize storing hatred is detrimental. They recognize the value of tolerance and cooperation, leading to a more productive workforce. They realize that feelings of intolerance are holding themselves back from becoming a productive member of society.

"I killed him in my Journal with my ballpoint pen... After that experience I found out that by hating something or somebody, that I was only hurting myself."

V.F. (Trainee)

Complementing Other Training Programs

Training programs often include other components such as enhancing communication skills, complementing counseling services, and enhancing addictions treatment; the Intensive Journal program can enhance the effectiveness of these other services.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Trainees become more expressive and communicative through the frequent use of the writing exercises. Participants write in their native language, not worrying about grammar or style, to help their feelings flow through their writing. By being more in touch with themselves, they are better able to express their feelings and demonstrate more thoughtful behavior.

Complementing the Counseling Process

The Intensive Journal method is an excellent complementary resource to counseling sessions. By connecting with many different aspects of their lives, individuals become more immersed in their own development, raising and working through issues more effectively. They are applying Progoff's whole life process, working through issues in the context of their entire lives. As a practicing psychotherapist, Progoff used his method with clients and in therapy sessions.

Complementing the Counseling Process

The Intensive Journal method fosters greater self-discipline and helps persons deal with underlying issues that may have contributed to an addiction. See the life histories Overcoming My Addiction, by Patricia Burns and Overcoming Addictions: The Intensive Journal Method and Twelve-Step Programs, by Jane A.

"...I believe the Intensive Journal method helped me to see clearly my destructive pattern of drinking..."

Patricia Burns