Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Specialized Audiences | Spirituality | Contemplative Practice


The Intensive Journal method can serve as a valuable resource, a companion on your journey for ongoing spiritual growth

Learn Practical Exercises for Connecting With the Spiritual Dimension
  • Deepen your experience of the Sacred in your life.
  • Discern the deep inner purpose and direction of your life as it can be lived most authentically in the world.
  • Connect with and develop greater awareness of religious/spiritual experiences
  • Clarify beliefs, priorities, truths, purpose and religious/spiritual experiences
  • Use Progoff's technique of inner dialogue to connect with the wisdom of spiritual figures to obtain clarity and understanding to resolve issues
Connect With Many Facets of Your Life
  • Develop a foundation on your life as you work in many areas to create a more meaningful life. Examples include personal relationships, career/special interests, body and health, dreams and imagery, and your life history.
  • Realize connections and relationships between different areas of your life and the spiritual component. Gaining self-knowledge helps you deepen spiritually.
Experience a Workshop Atmosphere Conducive for Contemplation
  • Increase your attentiveness to recognizing many different facets of experience. Become more receptive to hearing your inner voice
  • Benefit from a deepening workshop experience away from your daily routine to connect with your inner self.
  • Apply a neutral meditative process for becoming centered and deepening your inward journey
Discover Your True Self
  • Use nonjudgmental, non-analytical techniques in a meditative atmosphere to become centered, bypassing preconceived ways of thinking
  • Apply exercises to connect with your inner process in total privacy to be honest with yourself.
  • Employ the Journal Feedback TM process to develop new integrations of awareness as you move toward greater wholeness, see Journal Feedback Technique