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"[The Intensive Journal method is] a modern system for achieving the deeper listening that brings a sense of God's presence, peace and will....on the way to our deeper self...that deeper awareness, and the power for Godly living that flows from it, is a practical way of speaking of the Intensive Journal method....Of all the spiritual disciplines that I have used across the years, this one has been the most dependable in keeping me on track, energized and focused."1

Rev Wallace Chappell
Dallas, TX

What appears on the surface to be an inner dialogue between myself and contents of my past is, from the perspective of faith, a dialogue in which I listen to God speaking to me from within my own life / experience. The Intensive Journal structure is a vehicle for such interior dialogue, which is a form of prayer.
"...The object of each individual life / process is to establish and maintain contact with the God of all. The procedure of moving toward that objective is the practice of a spirituality of experience. It is my position that Ira Progoff's Intensive Journal method is a link between inner renewal and the outer life ....It is an introduction to a spirituality of experience.""1

Fr John McMurry, SS
Former Director, St Mary 's Spiritual Center, Baltimore, Maryland

“I have found the Intensive Journal method to be an excellent complement to centering prayer/contemplative practice in which I have practiced for over 20 years. It provides many practical exercises for conducting the deep inner work for connecting with my true self and experiencing God’s presence within.
Conducted in a quiet reflective atmosphere, the Intensive Journal method is compatible with our practices in centering prayer/contemplative practice, a companion on my lifelong journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. I strongly encourage you to attend these workshops."

Mary Kaplan LPC
Commissioned Presenter of Centering Prayer
Introductory Workshops, Phoenix, AZ

"The Intensive Journal method is a dynamic tool and practice I use to support my contemplative life, helping me to understand the transformation process, uncover my true self, and live the life I was meant to live.
"The Intensive Journal workshops helped me to affirm the meaning and purpose of my life, to look for any new direction I want to take, to touch into any places that still needed healing, and to uncover creative energies. The workshop experience helped deepen my insights and self-knowledge in a way that gives me great satisfaction."

Julie Saad
Denver, CO