Progoff Intensive Journal ® Program for Self-Development

Specialized Audiences | Spirituality | Spiritual Direction


The Intensive Journal method can serve as a valuable resource for both spiritual directors and directees.

Connect With Many Facets of Your Life
  • Develop a foundation on your life as you work in many areas to develop a more meaningful life.
  • Realize connections and relationships between different areas of your life and the spiritual component.
Enhance Your Listening Skills
  • Increase your attentiveness to recognizing many different facets of experience.
  • Become more receptive to hearing your inner voice and less judgmental and reactionary.
Obtain a Direct Experience in Your Life
  • Benefit from a deepening workshop experience away from your daily routine to connect with your inner self.
Experience a Reflective and Contemplative Process
  • Apply a neutral meditative process for becoming centered and deepening your inward journey.
Learn Practical Exercises for Connecting With the Spiritual Dimension
  • Deepen your experience of the Sacred in your life.
  • Discern the deep inner purpose and direction of your life as it can be lived most authentically in the world.
  • Connect with and develop greater awareness and sensitivity to important religious/spiritual experiences.
  • Clarify beliefs, values, priorities truths, purpose and religious/ spiritual experiences.
Tap Into the Wisdom of Spiritual Figures
  • Use Progoff's technique of inner dialogue to connect with the wisdom of spiritual figures to obtain clarity and understanding to resolve issues
Enhance Spiritual Direction Sessions

Both spiritual directors and directees can benefit from attending Intensive Journal workshops.

  • Spiritual Directors: Increased Effectiveness
    • Learn fresh processes for spiritual growth to develop and integrate life experiences
    • Broaden perspectives and intuitive abilities
  • Directees: Greater Participation Possible
    • Uncover and develop issues and experiences.
    • Integrate selected exercises into sessions.
  • Spiritual Direction Sessions: Greater Depth
    • Sessions can move to a deeper level.
    • Directees can gain insights and clarity.
  • Post-session: Life-Long Tool for Spiritual-Growth