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Endorsements - Episcopal

"Learning the Intensive Journal method greatly enriched my personal development and gave me the means to discover new spiritual insights..."

Bishop Bennett J. Sims
Bishop Emeritus
Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

"Clergy self-care is so important when it comes to being an effective leader of a congregation. I’ve always enjoyed journaling as a way to 'keep my head above water,' but it was through the Intensive Journal program that my skill at reflective writing deepened and blossomed. Now I am able to use the Intensive Journal method for my spiritual growth and development as I recognize connections I hadn’t noticed before – relationship patterns, recurring themes, ongoing struggles. I feel more connected to my inner being and that frees me to experience my connectedness to other people and to God in a much more responsive way."

Rev. Debra K. Bullock
Rector, St. Mark's Episcopal Church
Evanston, Illinois

"I first heard about the Intensive Journal workshop during a tumultuous period in my life, when I was seeking a way to thaw out my frozen spirit. I thought, 'Too much time and too much money!' I am ever grateful that I did not allow these initial reactions to prevail!
Through the process, I realized that in some ways I had been thinking of myself as a prodigal daughter. Yet, from the ashes of whatever I felt I had 'wasted,' the phoenix arose. This phoenix was not a bird: it was my self...my self, I believe, as Jesus of Nazareth meant when he said love God and thy neighbor as thyself. Age-old anger began to melt. Life looked and sounded and felt new, as if I were a child again, a child coming home."

Karen Burnard*, Rector
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
Oxford, Ohio

"I began using Ira Progoff's Intensive Journal Process while a student at the Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA, in 1975. For over thirty years, I have continued to rely on this nonjudgmental method of meditation and journaling in my spiritual growth and professional life."

The Rev. Mark H. Butler, retired
Hendersonville, North Carolina

"What a gift! The Intensive Journal method is a wonderful tool that has provided me with the opportunity to call to mind significant and meaningful experiences and life lessons from the past and, additionally, it has profoundly impacted my ongoing spiritual, psychological and intellectual development. I highly recommend the Intensive Journal method to anyone interested in exploring and discovering the riches to be found within the human experience."

Rev. Frederick R. Engdahl Jr.*
Rector, Church of the Resurrection
Clarkston, Michigan

"Journaling has been an important spiritual practice for me for many years. Committing feelings, thoughts, hopes, confusions to paper has been a consistently effective way to dip into the deeper places of my heart. I look forward to taking part in the Intensive Journal program as a way to develop greater coherence between my inner and outer life."

Rev. Eyleen Farmer, Assoc. Rector
Calvary Episcopal Church
Memphis, TN

"I took my first Intensive Journal Workshop almost 30 years ago. Since then, I have used its techniques to contact the deep wellsprings that feed my soul. It is one of the most practical and best tools for personal and spiritual growth that I have ever experienced."

Rev. Anne Ritchings*
Episcopal Priest
Placitas, New Mexico

"Using the Intensive Journal method has helped me through numerous life changes and circumstances. The process draws me forward into new opportunities to learn and grow in a profoundly meaningful way, sensing the thread of continuity in where I've been and where I am moving to in my life. Dr. Progoff's ministry takes one into the "depth beyond the doctrines" where we experience the profound inner movements of our lives. I am very grateful for this program and strongly recommend this path of personal development."

The Rev. Hal Woods, Retired*
Diocese of Vermont

"The Intensive Journal method is an invaluable life tool for reflection, enhancing the creative process, and seeking direction from my own life and others whose lives integrate with my own. The method has provided me with a way to examine my work in the world, spiritual life, life transitions, health and family issues, personal life and more in a very productive and positive way! I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the Spirit at work in their lives."

Sue Ellen Echard*
Director of Music and Arts
Church of the Holy Spirit, Episcopal
Harleysville, Pennsylvania

"The Progoff Intensive Journal method is more than a record of events, thoughts, plans, and dreams. This process has captured my hopes, helped to heal wounds, and given me a deeper understanding of who I am and who I am meant to be. I have discovered loving acceptance of people and situations in both the past and present.
"The Progoff structured framework frees my heart and mind. Reclaimed joys and rediscovered gifts emerge from the pages, and healthy connections are more obvious. The Progoff method documents and inspires my spiritual journey. I have often felt God’s presence in those quiet moments and experienced His kingdom in new ways."

Alice Perry*
Lay Volunteer, St. James Episcopal Church
Jackson, Mississippi

* Sponsored an Intensive Journal Program.