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Endorsements - Presbyterian

"The Intensive Journal workshop I attended was a very important and memorable experience. Dr. Progoff's method helped me connect with and integrate many areas of my life. The workshop helped me access my inner wisdom, through a series of writing exercises that were conducted in a meditative setting of privacy. Perhaps most important, I continue to use my practice as a discernment tool in my life, important at any stage of life. The Spirit simply seems to lead as I follow this insightful process."

Rev. Dr. Kathleen Weller, OblSB
Peace River Spirituality Ctr @ Pine Shores
Sarasota, FL

"The tools I gained from my first Intensive Journal workshop have helped me discern many important issues in my life."

Rev. Gayle Walker, Assoc. Pastor
Idlewild Presbyterian Church
Memphis, TN

"The skills I learned in Intensive Journal workshops served me invaluably as a hospital chaplain. I found myself more able to name and address the unaddressable in the midst of the thick of life. In my reflective time, I used the method to find voice for that which speaks as deep to deep."

Patricia P. Smith, Board Certified Chaplain, Ret.
Green Valley, AZ

"Most ministers (clergy, pastors, etc.) readily agree that finding time for their own soul-searching is nearly impossible. They rarely have nearby friends and confidants for sharing this work. In addition, who needs the structure and the time for soul searching more than ministers? After five years as a solo pastor, I found my way to an Intensive Journal workshop. I’ve used the process ever since. Once a person learns how to use the Intensive Journal method, it is always as close as some quiet time and pen and paper. I have been able to check in with myself, my relationships, my career, and my values. Now, in retirement, I am using the process to explore opportunities not yet pursued, creative work I had put aside, and relationships I want to nurture."

Dru Tyler, retired
Presbyterian Church USA pastor
Lakeland, FL