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Endorsements - Unitarian

"The Intensive Journal method is a wonderful process for helping to integrate the spiritual, psychological and emotional components of your life. The process can help you work through issues such as the 'unfinished business' of dealing with the death of a relative, as well as figuring out the next steps in life. It makes a difference to get repetitive thoughts out of your head and onto paper where there is enough distance to look at them and learn from them."
I highly recommend the Progoff TM process for both clergy and congregational members."

Rev. Dr. Rose Edington co-minister
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Charleston, WV

"Our Church has sponsored several Intensive Journal workshops, and from all that I have heard they have been of great benefit to our members." The response has been excellent.

Rev. Andrew C. Kennedy
First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI

Feedback From Participants

"Participating in the Intensive Journal workshop was an eye opening experience for me. I looked at my life and realized that I had made some impulsive decisions without thinking about what they would mean to me in the long run. The process of writing about my experiences made me think about what is really important to me. The method leads me to keep my life in perspective."

Meg MacArthur, Member
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson, SC

This method is my favorite ongoing tool for seeing more clearly who I am, where I want to go in life and the person I want to become. I am grateful for its structure, which makes it natural to review my past entries and envision new directions. I treasure it for the safe container it provides to enter my private and tentative thoughts and feelings. It is thoroughly grounded in the present-day here and now, thus is valuable for anyone interested in personal growth."

Marguerite Kirsch, Member
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson, SC

"This was a wonderful opportunity!"
"This workshop has been a very healing process."
"I am making some major changes in my life: career change; getting an MBA: trying to have a baby; repairing my relationship with my mother; and I've just inherited some money... I found this very spiritually stimulating and I don't feel quite as overwhelmed now to meet these challenges. Thank you very much."
"I have been doing morning pages as outlines in The Artist's Way and was looking for more meaningful journaling. This was perfect for me at this stage.
"Perfect timing. My next step in personal growth."
"This seminar was a great help to me and the Journal will be a useful tool in the future."
"This workbook provides a foundation, guidance, stimulation and support for my journaling and search for meaning."
"I tried to do the Intensive Journal method using the book. I'm amazed at how helpful the facilitator and the group have been."