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Endorsements - United Church of Christ

"I highly recommend the Progoff Intensive Journal workshops. The Intensive Journal method is unlike any type of journaling you have ever encountered. It is so much more than a journaling method! The Intensive Journal workshop brings the psychological and spiritual perspectives together in a way that will inform and enlighten you. If you are looking for direction in your life, the Intensive Journal method will open roads to exciting and healing discoveries. It is simply transformative."

Dina Lauman, Pastor
United Church of Christ Garden Prairie

"Over many years, I have found journaling to be a valuable spiritual discipline; it has provided a powerful means for reflective sensing of God's movement in my life and ministry. The Intensive Journal method is an avenue that has proven helpful in deepening awareness of life journey.

Rev. Wanda D. Craner
Minister of Spiritual Nurture
Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, UCC

"I have found the Intensive Journal method to be a powerful tool in my own life and ministry over the years. It has helped me maintain a healthy balance of pastoring busy congregations, maintaining a strong marriage and family, and exploring educational and professional goals."

Rev. James D. Miller, D.Min.
Former Senior Pastor, United Church of Christ Mt. Penn, Reading, PA