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Endorsements - Unity

"Dr. Ira Progoff through his spirit, love and consciousness of the joy of living, is a constant inspiration to me and countless Unity ministers, students, members and friends. The Intensive Journal method revealed and developed through him is a powerful and permanent contribution to the awakening of humanity!"

J. Sig Paulson
Unity Without Walls
Pittsboro, North Carolina

"Ira Progoff’s work has been a very special part of our lives. We certainly recommend his Intensive Journal program to anyone who wishes to expand their lives."

Dorothy and Phil Pierson
Christ Unity Church
Sacramento, California

"Since 1967, Ira Progoff’s work has been of incalculable value to me personally and in my professional work of helping people to experience their own life process."

Dr. David Williamson
Detroit Unity Temple
Detroit, Michigan

"It was 20 years ago that the Dialogue House program first provided a powerful but gentle means of transforming me through the use of the Intensive Journal method."

Leslie Saunders
First Unity Church
St. Petersburg, Florida

"Since Spring of 1990 I have sponsored three Intensive Journal Workshops at the Unity Church of Wichita. Dr. Progoff’s workshops not only raised Unity members’ consciousness to higher levels but continues to draw new people to visit our church. Word-of-mouth advertising has made this workshop a continued popular request."

Kay McDaniel
Board of Directors
Unity of Wichita
Wichita, Kansas

"The Workshop attracted a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds. For many, it served as a wonderful introduction to Unity and the kinds of programs that we sponsor. The Intensive Journal Method is a private journey that is different from other inter-personal experiences. I can't say enough about the excellent facilitator who led us with skill, humor, and her personal sharing."

Victoria Etchemendy
Unity Fellowship
Lake Oswego, Oregon

"The Intensive Journal program that I attended was wonderful. I loved the fact that part of the process was to observing silence during all classroom sessions. It is in the Silence that I am able to enter my contemplative mind, where I find peace."
"The program materials were thorough, easy to follow and complete with meditations and imagery. The facilitator, Joanne Hackett Ching, was a gentle presence in the room guiding me through the sections of the journal and always allowing the process to inform and stimulate my inner guidance. The process spoke to me through the themes of my life, through dialogues with my spirit and body, through dreams and memories that have impacted my life, and with spiritual teachers who I’ve followed through the years."
"I recommend Intensive Journal workshops for anyone interested in self care, getting insight into issues, or mapping a strategy for working with yourself or others. You will find it amazing."

Ruthanne Ali, Former Director
School of Light, Unity of Tustin
Tustin, CA