Expanding Workshop Opportunities

One of the primary missions of Dialogue House, the administrative headquarters for the Intensive Journal program, is to offer workshops that are both affordable and accessible.  This is a major reason Dr. Progoff created our organization.   To accomplish this goal, we try to offer our workshops at least annually in as many of the top 30 metropolitan areas in the United States as possible.  Through the workshop experience, you can both learn the method and have a direct experience in your life.  Offering workshops at least annually will enable you to continue to work in your life in the workshop atmosphere to achieve the cumulative benefits that become possible through our method.

I have stressed the importance of offering our 3-part series where participants can attend each of the 3 core modules (Life Context, Depth Contact, and Life Integration) to experience each of the Intensive Journal exercises and the integrative aspects through the Journal Feedback process.  We have scheduled these programs with maximum flexibility so that you can attend as many of the modules as you desire.  We have upgraded the quality of retreat centers that we have used as well in certain cases.

New Location Hosted by Dialogue House

I am pleased to say that we have added ten programs in several cities in the past few years where we have not held them previously.   Examples by region include:

RegionMetropolitan Areas


Toronto, ON and Richmond, VA


Tampa, FL; Nashville-Chattanooga, TN; and Dallas, TX


Detroit-Pontiac, MI; St Louis, MO


Boise, ID;  Seattle, WA (different site)


London, United Kingdom

Naturally, we would like to add many other metropolitan areas as well.  In most cases, we have not done so yet since we do not have a sufficient level of interest to for a group.   You can help by telling us about groups that you are connected to that may want to participate.  Sometimes, a group may wish to participate and offer our program to their members but do not want the responsibility for sponsoring and being the primary party organizing the group.  If I have a few groups that are willing to publicize our program to their membership, then Dialogue House may be willing to sponsor and coordinate the publicity by working with several groups.

Third-Party Sponsorship

The other major way that we offer Intensive Journal workshops is through third-parties such as churches, counseling centers, and other organizations that organize the group.  They can offer just the first module (Life Context) - especially if our certified leader lives nearby.  I encourage you to think about organizations in which you are connected that may be able to sponsor and discuss them with me.  Having more third-party sponsors would enable many more people participate in and benefit from the program. They could then experience the more advanced modules at one of our 3-part series.  Therefore, I ask that you give this some thought; the lack of third-party sponsors is one of the major challenges that we are facing.

In summary, I hope this helps you see both the progress and challenges that we face in offering our workshops to the public.  The program continues to shine, helping people of all different backgrounds and interests make major strides in developing their lives.  It is a tribute to the enduring quality of the method that Dr. Progoff created and the dedication of thousands of people who work diligently in our method.

I invite your involvement and suggestions.  Please contact me at [email protected] or 216-342-5170 / 800-221-5844.   Thanks for your interest in our program.

JonJon ProgoffDirector