New Website, Blog, and Social Media Campaign Launched

I am pleased to announce that we have launched a new version of our website.

The website was designed by Moses Nandi, a computer science major from nearby John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions.  I hope you like the more modern look and find it easy to navigate.

The new website builds upon the considerable information about the program in our prior website.  The main enhancements are in the following areas:

Workshops - I have included our regional flyer that you can download for each region.

Specialized audiences:  I have expanded the number of topics in the Specialized Audience area and grouped the topics into four areas: health, professional development, social services, and spirituality.  You can download a brochure on each topic area.

Practical Life Issues:  I have launched an expanded section that is called Practical Life Issues.  We have started with the following topics:  Mindfulness, Personal relationships, Retirement, and Sexual Identity - LGBT   I expect to expand the number of topics greatly in the near future and invite your involvement.

Blog Launched

I have launched our blog that will discuss major aspects of our program, and in particular, invite your participation.  Our blog will cover such diverse areas as:

  • Our efforts to expand the number of workshops offered to the public, especially in the major metropolitan areas of the United States. Dr. Progoff stressed that our program must be both accessible and affordable to the greater population to provide an effective tool for ongoing personal and spiritual growth. Programs in more areas will help us achieve this dual objective.
  • An interview with our fine certified instructors (journal consultants).  They are a key reason for the high quality programs that we offer.
  • A description of one of our programs that is conducted for a specialized audience.  While the method remains the same for each audience, we share the benefits that participants obtain and their comments about how our program has impacted their lives.
  • My vision for the Intensive Journal program.  I believe our program can grow and serve even more people, especially who have many different needs and interests.
  • Documenting how the Intensive Journal Method can help with Practical Life Issues.  Our program has helped thousands of individuals work through all kinds of issues to develop more meaningful lives.  We will discuss how you can become involved in documenting and informing others about how you have made important breakthroughs in an important issue in your life.
  • Discussing various aspects of the method.  There are many facets to the Intensive Journal method.  Our unique approach is a great strength, offering you a different way to view your life.  We will discuss certain aspects of the method.  One of the initial topics is the challenge of maintaining quality in a fast-paced modern society.

Social Media (Instagram and Facebook)

Our next area of focus is on our social media campaign in Instagram and Facebook.

We are now in the process of posting material on our Instagram page.  It will feature several key statements from Dr. Progoff about his philosophy of human development and key concepts of the Intensive Journal method.

Please follow our Instagram Page for the Intensive Journal Program.

On Facebook, we will naturally list our public workshops.  Then, my goal is to focus on  developing a forum where you can discuss how our method helped you deal with topics that are covered in the Practical Life Issues and Specialized Audiences sections of our website.

Please follow our Facebook Page for the Intensive Journal Program.

We will invite write-ups such as those in the Life Histories section of our website in which participants have described in detail how they used our method to deal with a specific issue.  My hope is that your input in describing your workshop experience on these topics will be extremely helpful in making this section an exciting and informative area for engagement.

I welcome your comments and suggestions.